Hi! I’m a Finnish artist living in Helsinki. My first name is Liisa and Tuulikki is my middle name and a forest goddess in Finnish mythology.

From my BA & MA studies in Arts at Aalto University and my artistic work, I’ve gained experience with various materials & ways of working. My current focus is on ceramics, painting, and living my dream of being a full-time artist!

My main method of working is slip casting in which liquid clay is poured into plaster moulds and in painting, my favourite subject is portraits of fictional and existing people. Both mediums require plenty of patience which I enjoy for the joy and challenges they give me.

In my work, it is possible to see the influence of pop art, the superflat art movement, anime, art toys, fashion and video games. I’m also more broadly influenced by various sides of design, art and fusions of these two.

Equality, environmental issues, and human & animal rights are other subjects close to my heart and I donate part of my yearly revenue to charities helping with these matters. You can subscribe to emails to hear about my yearly charity choice. I'm also happy to hear suggestions for causes you care about. 

You can learn more about me through my Instagram and portfolio.